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Procedures required for preparing
for job searching and graduation.


Job searching calendar

Job searching schedule


The procedure of searching for a job is basically the same as that of the Japanese people. Gathering information using various methods on companies you would like to be employed by, to study the information, and to contact the companies of your interest.

Gathering information on companies you would like to work for

You should gather information on firms that will hire Senshu students from abroad, as well as data on companies you would like to work for. Facilities, document material, and the internet will come in handy when collecting these data.

Collecting data on the company you want to work for

●Practical use of the internet
The internet is very useful when searching for a job. Each company provides information on their own website. The information listed by the company itself is very important when seeking employment.
●Making a call
When requesting document material from the company of your concern, you would make a call unless it is specified otherwise.

Meeting former graduates

Visit graduates from the same Senshu School you attend, or graduates of the same nationality.
Meeting graduates is an effective way to find the actual state of the company.

Attending company information sessions and seminars

You should attend company information sessions and seminars as much as possible. It will give you a good opportunity to see many companies and know what kind of human resources they want, and where they want them by talking directly to the person in charge.

Writing and submitting your resume

To apply for a job you will need to write a resume or application form. This application form is one of the tools to make an appeal.

Taking the employment examination and interview

Written examination/interview
In addition to these interviews and academic tests, some companies will implement aptitude and character evaluations.

Notice of an unofficial offer

Once you have passed the evaluations and the interviews you will wait for the answer (accepting or rejecting your application).

Procedures necessary after graduating

Once you have been employed and you graduate, you will need to change your status of residence.
The application form to change the status residence from “student” to employment will generally require the student to visit the Regional Immigration Bureau. For this procedure you will need the following documents. For more information please contact the Regional Immigration Bureau.

Documents and procedures required for changing the status of your residence.

(a)The student is required to prepare the following
1)Passport with the applicant’s name (or travel certificate) and Alien Registration Certificate. 2)Application form to change the status of residence (see the Ministry of Justice website)
3)Resume 4)Certificate of graduation from your Vocational School (or postgraduate certificate)
5)A copy of certificate indicating the title of your master. 6)Statement of the ground in which the application is made.
(b)The employer will need to prepare the following
7) A copy of the Employment Contract 8)The employer’s registration of the corporation and statements of the accounts (balance-sheet and profit-and-loss statement)
9)Company Guidance 10)A list of all foreign employees
11)Document of the reason of employment (reason of invitation)

Starting to work

Procedure in the case of performing the job hunting to continue if the job has not decided

To provide comprehensive information for about the studying abroad in Japan

The relevant procedures on Entry and stay, employment statistics of the foreign student in Japanese company.

Set up "a foreign residence comprehensive information center" in each local Immigration Bureau, branch office.

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