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Fukuoka is the city with the lowest food prices

Fukuoka city

According to consumer price index comparison by region, Fukuoka is proud to be the city with the lowest food prices. Additionally,the city is praised for its outstanding fireproofing ability. It's an authentic city that is very safe and habitable.

Fukuoka is 14th place in the world!In 2010, Fukuoka was chosen 14th place of “the world’s best 25 cities to live in”.

“Fukuoka city” the largest city in Kyushu, is also called the entrance of Asia and has been the center of trade with Asian countries for a long time. Fukuoka city, the center of culture, economy, and transportation of Kyushu includes central areas for commerce such as Hakata and Tenjin, where fashion, music and food creates its own world that cannot be disconnected with Asia.

Fukuoka city

Fukuoka city

As it was announced in the authoritative magazine called “MONOCLE” in England ,Quality of life-Fukuoka was chosen 10th place for “year 2012 ranking of the world’s 25 best cities to live in”. This shows that Fukuoka is pointed to as a new model for other city

Fukuoka city

Fukuoka city

Also, transportation such as subways, trains, and ships are developed so moving around in the city as well as going outside the country is easy to do in this city.

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Access to Fukuoka

Access to Fukuoka

5 Points of Fukuoka

The population of Fukuoka is 1.5million,and the population is increasing.

The total area of Fukuoka is 4,978 square kilometers, the 29th largest in the country.

The GDP in Fukuoka is 18 Trillion yen. 9th place in the country

Fukuoka has a history of 400 years.

Number of foreign students in Fukuoka 10,635 persons.